Automation testing

Our professional team has all the necessary skills to perform automated testing and save your budget and time. Mechamal automation testing company uses only the best tools and follows all best practices achieving only the best results! Test automation helps to reduce regression testing time, so eventually, it will cut down the expenses in the long run. Within complex system development, our automation testing company combines manual testing with automated testing to deliver the maximum level of quality. 

Test automation strategy
We create a test automation strategy concerning your project needs and requirements. It includes selecting the right tools, a shortlist of cases that should be automated, test environment description, automation scripts reusability opportunities, objectives of test automation, and expected outcomes.

Test environment setup

Every test requires establishing the right test environment, including servers, networks, hardware, and software. Our teams are experienced setting up, configuring, and maintaining test environments, testbeds, test data, etc. Test automation allows us to easily organize multiple test environments using the right continuous integration (CI) tools.

Automation team

We offer test automation services either within Agile teams or within dedicated automated testing teams. Traditionally, such teams may consist of developers, test automation engineers, infrastructure specialists, and niche specialists. These teams cooperate with manual testers closely to ensure the most effective testing approach.

Regression testing

At least once before release, we run full regression testing. Partial regression can be performed after certain development milestones; it includes tests affected by the deployment changes, according to impact analysis. Once automated, these tests could be launched after every deployment.

Load testing
Load testing is needed to check the system’s behavior under the predicted peak user load. It should be executed using automation tools, as automated load testing allows for agile configuration of load parameters and precise metrics.

Performance testing
Performance testing is used for collecting data on system performance in normal conditions. It should be performed using automation tools as they allow for easier configuration and data aggregation.

Stress testing

Stress testing is needed to test the system’s robustness under extreme load. Using automation tools for stress testing allows us to emulate an extreme number of users, which is impossible to get done with manual testing.

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